Press Brakes and Shears

“45 years of excellence in shearing and bending.
Performance, Quality and Service are the three pillars on which Gasparini bases its strategy. Our first and foremost Research Lab are our customer’s production workshops, design offices and meeting rooms. That’s why our products are always born in response to specific and real problems, be it technical or organizational in nature. It’s no accident that we invest 10% of our turnover in innovation: that’s the only way we can help companies to become more efficient and productive. That’s why we have ten engineers uniquely dedicated to design and development.”

“With experience of more than a half century, YAWEI is a multi-national company with sprawling 420.000 square meters of factory floor space and offices and service centers in all corners of the world. YAWEI are prime producers of CNC turret punch, CNC laser cutting, CNC press brakes, CNC shears and sheet metal coil processing lines. Because of first-class manufacturing ability, combing the overseas advanced technologies, continuous research and development, Yawei always delivers the top-grade products.”